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  1. The most wonderful furry family members you could ever ask for! I would never get a golden from anyone else.

  2. They are the best the breed has to offer. Have only had Pekay Goldens since 1976 and dearly loved and enjoyed each one!

  3. We love our Pekay Goldens! Our first boy joined our family in 1990 and we’ve been blessed by another boy and now a girl since then. Over 30 years of pure golden love! Thank you Kitty for allowing us to adopt our furbabies from Pekay!

  4. Our Pekay golden is turning six. Dad was Humphrey and mom was spirit. I think you guys called him Magic. We called him Bentley. He looks just like dad. We have never in our lives have had such a beautiful, intelligent and kind animal. He has been through everything with us for volleyball tournaments to beach excursions. Thank you!

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