Pekay’s Nobody’s Fool CGC TKN – “Rush”

Meet Rush:

Rush is a large luxurious male. He has a thick coat that’s very easy to maintain – there’s just a lot of it.

Rush is such a perky, playful dog who gets along with everyone. He’s also a bit of a goof.

He is a big side mover just like his father, Humphrey.

Rush loves to “ballerina dance” which is where he gets on his hind legs and walks along the fence.

He is obsessed with his pink donut toy. He takes it every where with him.

Rush’s Clearances

Hips        GR-133261G25M-VPI

Elbows          GR-EL52849M25-VPI

Eyes – Current Certification

Heart – Clear

Owned by Kitty Cathey, Nancy Lewine, Jennifer Cochran

Bred by Kitty Cathey